The Dying Phone Conundrum

Finally enjoy your tunes without your phone… What is smarter than the smart phone? The even smarter, MOKIBOX WI-FI speaker that can (drum roll please) play music without the need for your phone.  If your phone has juice, you can connect your MOKIBOX to your phone, but often times are phone dies and its party […]

Finding British Voice Talent for Phone Greetings

Guide to Improving your Greetings The following are tips to help you record better quality voice mail greetings. These tips can be followed on an individual basis; whichever you find useful. Reduce ambient noise Background noises such as fans, radios, street noise from a window, etc. may not be noticeable in person, but will be […]

Voice Over Jobs Online: Lots of Work for those with a Great Voice

Let’s clarify that a little: voice actors read a lot, out loud. We have to read out loud when we warm up every day. We have to read out loud when we practice every day. We have to read out loud when we do multiple auditions every day just to land a paying gig. (It kinda gives the “work […]

Why Cast A Voice Over Actor to Record Your Book Online?

The world continues to evolve thanks to technology. Gone are the days where you would have to go to the store to purchase a record or CD. Now customers don’t even need to step outside the house or office to own the latest recording from their favorite artists. As simply and as quickly as iTunes […]

Over 3,000 Voice Over Work Opportunities in Just Over One Year

The world’s fastest growing online voice over talent agency has proven itself a success with auditions and bookings doubling month on month, and this week announcing that over 3,000 jobs have been booked in the past fifteen months. The prestigious voice casting site The Voice Realm launched in March 2012 amongst an online mine of […]

Finding The Easiest Way To Move Is Easier Than You May Think

  Millions of people are looking at moving, and most aren’t really sure how they are going to get it all done. You may have already started packing, and aren’t sure how you’ll manage to move everything, but you’re putting it off. It’s not a good thing to wait, especially when it comes to getting […]

Where Can Voice Talent Get the Best Auditions Online?

Voice actors rates are constantly a hot topic. Mainly now that many jobs are being cast online and more often than not acknowledged in a voice talent’s professional home studio. Many voice talent are now moving from traditional agents to online voice over websites. The majority of professional voice over artists have minimum rates, which […]

How to Train Your Dragon 2 Review

Today I encountered a review of How to Train Your Dragon 2 on a site called 7films I thought 7films had a very pleasant design and the review was delightful – I loved how it analysed the previous How to Train Your Dragon film and the TV series Dragons: Riders of Berk And I loved […]

The Different Types of Nose in Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, sometimes called nose job, is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure that’s meant to change the nose’s structure, shape and form. People choose to get rhinoplasty for various reasons—patients may dislike the appearance of their nose and want to change it, or, they experience breathing problems and need to improve the nose’s structure. It’s a […]