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Are Bamboo Sheets the Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep?

bamboo sheetsEveryone love summer. Long days, beautiful weather, and who doesn’t like ice cream? However, there are definitely some downsides to warm weather.

We’ve all had plenty of restless summer nights, unable to sleep. It’s a catch-22 — turn on the air conditioner (if you have one) and it’s too noisy to sleep, but leave it off and it’s too hot to sleep. However, have you ever considered that the reason you’re having such a large amount of trouble becoming comfortable actually has to do a lot with the bed you’re sleeping on? You may think its the outside environment, but the right bedding can truly make a world of difference.

Solution = Bamboo Sheets

I know what you’re thinking — bamboo?!?? Isn’t that for pandas? Well, yes, pandas do like bamboo, but Moso bamboo (different type of bamboo than the one that is eaten) also serves as one of the best, if not the best fabrics  in existence.

Bamboo fabric has millions of micro gaps in the fiber which allow it to adjust to your body temperature. Compared to cotton sheets, they wick more moisture away and allow more air to flow in and out; all while using no synthetic materials or chemical treatments. Bamboo fabric is as natural as it gets — it’s like the expensive synthetic fabrics used these days to make breathable bedding and clothing, but with two advantages: 1. bamboo is better and 2., it’s entirely natural.

Because bamboo fabric is a natural product, it has numerous environmental benefits. By purchasing bamboo sheets and bedding, you are not contributing the the growing negative impacts of mass production — there are factories that churn out thousands upon thousands of cotton sheets every hour, which is something that simply does not exist with bamboo sheets. Bamboo sheets are made responsibly, with workers that are paid fair wages — unfortunately that cannot be said for many of the cotton bedding manufacturers.

One specific environmental benefit of bamboo is the amount of oxygen it produces. Pound per pound, bamboo processes multitudes more carbon dioxide into oxygen (and hence cleaning up our air) than an equivalent size tree. Everybody always talks about planting trees for their positive environmental impact, but maybe what they really should be talking about is planting bamboo!

Bamboo fabrics are also biodegradable, which cannot be said for most bedding options these days. It’s already anti-microbial, so no synthetic chemicals or treatments are necessary.

So, this all sounds great. But where do I find bamboo sheets? is often touted as the best place to purchase bamboo bedding, for numerous reasons. They only use the highest quality Moso bamboo fabric for all the sheets, duvet covers, pillows/pillow cases, and towels they sell. They also employ the best manufacturing practices for bamboo fabric, to ensure that every customer is 100% satisfied with their bamboo bedding. However, even if a customer is not satisfied, they are not out of luck — they have excellent customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

And believe it or not, but they are running a free giveaway for April — the winner will receive a $500 shopping spree at SleepBamboo. Click here to enter the giveaway.

If you have any remaining questions about bamboo sheets or want to make a purchase, call SleepBamboo toll-free at 1-866-652-2908.



How About Some New Windows in Your Atlanta Home?

windowsWhether you’re replacing your windows and/or doors as they’re on the older side, doing a full renovation, or just replacing the window an errant baseball went through, Pinnacle Windows should be your first choice for Atlanta replacement windows.

They’re full service professionals with years of experience in replacing not only windows but also replacement Atlanta doors. Once you have your new doors and windows installed, you won’t believe the difference – many people say one of the biggest factors in making a house look modern, welcoming, and comfortable are good looking and well-functioning windows and doors.


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Don’t Let a Loved One Fall Prey to The “Sweetheart Swindle” Scam

This is Tina Costello Marks, a gypsy who runs around the West Coast scamming elderly men out of their life savings.

Everyone has to earn money — but some people prefer stealing to working for their money.

This is particularly true in the case of Tina Costello Marks, a Rom gypsy on the West Coast. Rom gypsies are well known all over the US (and the world for that matter) for committing crimes and scamming people out of their money. They follow a different code of ethics than normal people and literally believe that all non-gypsies simply exist to be swindled for their own (the gypsies) benefit.

Tina Costello and her family regularly find victims for their various scams, but we’re going to talk about one scam in particular she pulled on an elderly gentleman in Phoenix.

The gentleman was approached by Tina Costello and a family member, Sarah Costello in a Sam’s Club parking lot, claiming car troubles. Once they were talking, she proceeded to play with his emotions by creating a fake life and problems, such as her brother who had recently passed away and an abusive relationship she had been involved in. Well, over the next couple of weeks and  months, she ingrained herself and and the rest of her gypsy family into his life.

Now, it was time to pull off the scams. She made up fake businesses that needed investment — all while being as believable as possible regarding where every penny went (e.g. “This money is going to pay the for the equipment at the job site.” — of the non-existent business).

She even managed to scam him out of a $66,000 brand new Roush Mustang, by lying about whose name was on the title and fooling him into transferring full ownership of the car to her.

Eventually, the elderly man’s family grew suspicious and found out that it was a con (called the sweetheart swindle — a common scam gypsies commit, the above scenario being a common example of a successful one), but by then it was too late. He had already been swindled out of his life savings of $150,000 by Tina Costello and the rest of her family: David Marks, Jake/Jacob Costello, and Sarah Costello.

Unfortunately, there is very that can be done by law enforcement after the scam has already been committed — while law enforcement is very in favor of the elderly man in scenarios like this, the gypsies always “spend the money” and are long gone. Furthermore, the nature of the crime is one of which that is difficult to prosecute, so it’s important to keep in mind that if you’re suspicious that a loved one might be being targeted by this scam to intervene immediately.

3 Keys to Weight Loss

weight lossIf you’re trying to lose weight and get healthy this year, it’s important to remember that you have to make certain priorities in your life. Here are the top three — if you’re taking a serious shot at losing the weight for good, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor by following them!

  1. Exercise. exercise, exercise. It’s what fit and healthy people do, so you should too. Exercise is not only useful for speeding up weight loss, but for keeping it off.
  2. Eat healthy. Sure, an occasional treat is okay, but it’s important to stick to healthy food most of the time.
  3. Use the right supplements like garcinia cambogia to drop the weight at an even faster pace.

If you follow those three keys over time, you’ll not doubt be able to maintain a weight you’re happy with. Just remember: it’s all about consistency and making a permanent and healthy lifestyle change.